Discipline and Appeals F.A.Q.

When is a Discipline and Appeals Hearing held?

The Discipline and Appeals Committee has jurisdiction over the following matters assigned to the committee by the D&A Chairman, the Executive Board and the Board of Directors.
  1. Allegations of violation of the Constitution, By-laws, Rules and Regulations, Code of Conduct or misapplication of the Laws of the Game.
  2. Any appeal from an association’s disciplinary action.
  3. Any protest involving two or more associations.
  4. Any incident involving an allegation of assault on a referee.
  5. Any other matter assigned to the committee by the Executive Board or Board of Directors.

Who makes up the Hearing Panel?

Three (3) neutral and unbiased members within the D&A Committee form the Hearing Panel. These panel members must obtain a majority vote from the evidence presented and make a determination in the matter.

What procedures are used at the hearing?
Click here for NCYSA D&A Hearing Procedures

Where are these hearings held?
Unless otherwise notified, hearings are held at the NCYSA offices in Greensboro, NC.
136 Manley Ave
Greensboro, NC 27407

Why are hearings held?
Hearings ensure due process is given to all accused NCYSA members, to present their defense in front of a neutral and unbiased panel. The hearing process also allows for parties to appeal panels’ decisions to the next governing body, all the way up to FIFA.