BSA Wins $1000

During the preparation for the 19th Annual Soccer Show, an idea was approved to encourage attendance at meetings and functions and reward that attendance.

Presidents (or their designee if they couldn't attend) were awarded tickets for each meeting and event they attended. During the AGM on Sunday, those tickets were put n a box and one was drawn with the winner receiving $1000 from NCYSA!

Burke Soccer Association was the recipient of the award. Larry Taylor, President of BSA said, "Burke Soccer Association would like to thank NCYSA for the $1000 gift given at the 19th Annual Southern Soccer Show. This money will toward much needed equipment and scholarships for players who are not able to pay to play this great game. We are a very small association that will not turn any player away, so this helps greatly. Again, thanks not only for the money, but for all the staff at NCYSA that are so helpful and knowledgeable."

No, thank you Larry for the job you and the volunteers do at BSA!