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Removal of Parents - From the Referee Association

03/15/2017, 12:15pm EDT
By admin

It's the Coach's Responsibility

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Please strictly adhere to the below procedural guidelines when dealing with spectators/parents/fans. We have had a significant increase in referees dealing directly with spectators/parents/fans and removing them from the playing area. AGAIN this is not our responsibility as referees and has a high probability of further conflict. The below procedure is for our benefit, protection and just makes sense. Please remember that if you have asked a coach to remove anyone from the sideline to include that information on your match report and include the person(s) name and team association.


Per NCYSA rules it is the coaches’ responsibility to manage his team’s parents, spectators or fans. Under no circumstances should a referee crew attempt to do this, put that responsibility on the coach. Engaging any parent, spectator or fan is not within your authority as a referee and could very well lead to further confrontation.

If you have any situation with a parent, spectator or fan simply notify the coach and professionally remind him/her of their duty to handle the situation if needed. If someone needs to leave from that sideline again ask the coach for assistance, DO NOT engage the parent, spectator or fan. If the coach cannot or will not handle the situation remind them that the match will not restart until the person(s) concerned has left the area. If the situation persists terminate the match and move away to safe location and prepare the report.

Thank you all for all you do for youth soccer in North Carolina.

Ken George


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