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Unfulfilled Sanctions Decisions

Unfulfilled Sanctions Decisions

Unfulfilled Sit-Out Requirement, 2011
Coach failed to follow the requirements set forth by NCYSA following his ejection from a match, in which he was required to fulfill a sit out at the next scheduled match. Coach allegedly coached his team’s next match on Sunday. Coach arbitrarily decided to sit out his team’s match on the following Sunday instead.

Findings of the Panel:

  • Regardless of Coach’s intentions and reasons, he knowingly violated the rule requiring a next match sit out after having been sent off at a match.
  • The panel believed that while Coach looked into alternatives, he failed to exhaust all options within his Club in finding an alternate coach for his team’s next match. The panel members appreciated his desire to find his own solution to a problem of his making, but ultimately the club has a responsibility to see that teams have qualified club officials (e.g., those who have been through the NCYSA risk management process successfully) at each match.


  • Coach was suspended from his next regular season match in which he was the head coach of an NCYSA team.
  • Club was issued a fine. This fine was 100% suspended as long as no member of Club (player, coach, team or club official, spectator) is found in violation of NCYSA rules or code of conduct regarding failure to abide by any automatic or NCYSA imposed sanctions through May 31, 2012. If any violation is found, this fine would be payable immediately.