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Activities For Players

03/21/2020, 12:45am EDT
By admin

Something to do at Home!

Dear Members:

We know in this time of uncertainty there are many questions being thrown at you on the local level:

“Will we play again this spring?”
“Are we going to get a refund from our dues?”
“When can we train again?”

As you well know, this is a very free-flowing situation – and even the government is updating policies and guidelines on a daily basis!

Some things that may help you during the suspension of play:

  • Let your members/families know how you appreciate their membership, helping the club during this time and being patient!
  • Post some short, online training videos so the players can get a little practice at home, then send them to the families – there are some links provided below.
  • Suggest some cardio training for the players – maybe a cardio challenge and offer some club gear as a reward.
  • Ask the players to video themselves working at home, showing a new skill, etc., and post to your Facebook page or other social media outlet.
  • Maybe set up a private FB Group where you can communicate with parents and help alleviate fears, concerns or answer questions. 

(From US Youth Soccer)

To: All State Association Presidents and Executive Directors/CEOs

Given the ongoing impact of coronavirus on our Soccer Family, we want to make sure that we continue to add value to our State Associations and Members.
USYS is happy to announce the launch of an all new kid-sourced video content series via Cinebody. This user-generated video content series is designed to keep kids engaged, busy and having fun while they share their ideas and creativity….all while focused on their love of soccer and the accessible technology of their phones.

Cinebody ( app and video software allows kids from anywhere to collaborate on video projects. The Cinebody platform has aggregated video content from over 132 countries and 4,988 cities. USYS will designate project details like themes and timing, then kids can submit their videos. USYS will then select the best videos from the kid-submissions to create a final video which will be posted on USYS social channels. The Cinebody app is available on iOS and Android users simply follow the instructions here:  Given the creativity of our kid audience, we hope to create numerous video projects over the weeks and months ahead.

We plan to announce the Cinebody program via social media and email, and we invite each of you to share, re-tweet and like on your social media channels as well. If you have ideas or suggestions for fun videos please let us know. We look forward to having this resource available over the next several months so you can all take advantage and share with your members.

If we can help in anyway at NCYSA, please let us know. We hope you find some of these suggestions useful.

Good luck!

NC Youth Soccer

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