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e-Knowledge Discounts on College Prep

05/18/2020, 3:15pm EDT
By admin

SAT/ACT Dates Set

SAT/ACT Prep Update

Because of the current upheaval in education, we are reaching out more often to keep people apprised regarding all things SAT/ACT and it's impact on your students and families.

  • eMail: Over the weekend, The National Federation of High Schools, that represents over 19,500 schools and 12 million students, sent an email to their user base regarding the 95% discount for your families through the NFHS SAT/ACT Prep Project. Learn more >


  • Landing Page: Here is a page with more information you can use to let those in your group or organization know about this resource. Learn more >


  • Required Exams: Colleges and universities still require the SAT/ACT entrance exam. There is a small handful of about 40 institutions that have temporarily waived the requirement. Learn more >


  • SAT/ACT exam dates—here is a link to confirm dates as they change: Learn more >
    • SAT: Aug 29, Oct 3, Nov 7, Dec 5  
      ACT: June 13,  July 18, Sept 12, Oct 24, Dec 12


The SAT/ACT entrance exam is still required almost everywhere. There are currently 5 exam dates scheduled between now and the end of the year. Families can get 95% discount on a year of online SAT/ACT prep through the National Federation of High Schools sponsorship. If you already have a custom landing page for your organization, please post that URL to your members.  Otherwise, you can use the official NFHS landing page. Just let your members know about this URL:

We do everything else.

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